The Union of Scientists in Bulgaria – Plovdiv, established at a local (regional) level, is a voluntary, independent and democratic organization of scientists from the city and the region. As such, it is a non-governmental structure – part of the civil society in the Republic of Bulgaria, a federal member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, registered under the law of non-profit legal entities. It is established through the voluntary participation of legal and natural persons – Bulgarian or foreign nationals with scientific qualifications or working in the field of science and related fields of activity – higher education, research and development, engineering and implementation activities.

The main goal of USB – Plovdiv is to express and defend the rights and interests of scientists in Bulgaria, to support their creative professional activity and career, to unite their efforts to promote the prestige of Bulgarian science and higher education, to multiply their contribution to prosperity and development of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Dedicated to this goal, the main tasks of our organization are:

  • to participate as an independent and equal partner and consultant of the state and public bodies and structures in the field of science and higher education;
  • to work to promote the role of science as a driver of society’s development and progress;
  • to promote the free creative development of scientists;
  • for the development of innovation and the practical usefulness of scientific research and results;
  • to build a modern economy based on the latest developments in science and technology, to combat poverty, backwardness and lack of prosperity;
  • to enhance the material and spiritual well-being of the Bulgarian people.

Main activities of the organization. USB-Plovdiv:

  • stimulates, supports and popularizes the scientific research and innovation in all fields of science by organizing various scientific events;
  • helps to establish professional contacts between scientific organizations, units and individual scientists;
  • organizes and supports the transfer of scientific results, technologies and engineering solutions;
  • works with separate groups of scientists according to their scientific interests – young scientists, veteran scientists, workers from different scientific fields and others.